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There’s a lot of articles on the internet these days that include crazy lists from places like Buzzfeed to Business Insider. I haven’t seen many BJJ related list articles so now it’s our time to shine. Here are 13 things only people who have served time on the mats will understand.

1. Any references to the word shrimp is not about the food, it’s about saving your ass.


2. When you mention BJJ to a friend and they think it’s Karate.

karate bjj meme




The BJJ Resource Guide

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most intricate and complicated fighting styles in the world. Due to the thousands of possible moves available learn and many intricacies, unlimited resources have been made to help the BJJ community master the system. This is a quick guide to some resources I have personally found helpful the last few years when developing my game in BJJ.



7 Tips for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu beginners

1. Do not go as hard as you can at the beginning of your rolling sessions. There is always that guy who is very intense for 30 seconds, and then is exhausted the rest of the match. Don’t do that, pace yourself.

2. Do not brag about your prior experiences. I’m sure killing that guy, being in that fight and winning that award was fun in the past, but now you can’t even make it through warm ups. Those prior experiences usually don’t help you on the mat, so keep those to yourself.