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university bjj club

Having a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club at your university or place of employment can totally rock. Not only does it give you more practice time, but it allows you to meet people and share the awesomeness of the art. A little over two years ago one of my training partners and I started a BJJ club at our school – University of Wisconsin Oshkosh – and it has been extremely rewarding.  In the two years we have learned a lot of lessons and I wanted to share some great tips to anyone who wants to do something similar at their school!


Finding a place to train sometimes isn’t as easy as it seems. In my experience snagging a wrestling oriented room is optimal, but when difficulties reserving the room come up, things can get dicey. Make sure to locate and reserve a room as your first priority. It actually took my partner and I over six months to tap into the wrestling room and in the meantime we had to use one inch thick Karate mats which wasn’t fun.