Cheap Tools to Tap Tightness

Posted: April 29, 2015 in BJJ Advice
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Let’s face it, doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can take a toll on your body and can leave you super tight over time. The reason why you feel tightness most of the time is because of Myofascial tissue bunching up. Essentially this tissue is a fibrous connective tissue that helps support your muscles and bones. When it bunches up it causes tightness the we feel, so we must release it. The best explanation I have heard to explain this tissue is that it’s like having a t-shirt sleeve being pulled down which inhibits your arm from moving up easily. However, when you release the sleeve – or in our case the Myofascial tissue – it releases the tension and allows for full range of motion. Learn more here. Here are three tools I have used for years now to help relieve tightness and improve my range of motion.

1. The Tennis Ball


I use the my tennis ball specifically to release the tension in my feet. Roll your feet out 30-60 seconds every day and you will not only feel looser but your hamstring flexibility will increase. If you don’t believe me, test your flexibility before and after rolling out your feet. That’s what I thought.

2. The Thera Cane


I use my Thera Cane to specifically target my back. It’s a great tool to have deep penetration in hard to massage areas around your shoulder blades.

3. The Foam Roll or Manly Pipe


Last but not least, the foam roller or in my case a pipe. I use the roller for my legs, lats and to crack my back after practice. They have a softer version in the female underwear isle but you can get the pipe at the hardware store.

These are what I use personally for releasing tension, what do you use?


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