13 Things Only People Who Train BJJ Truly Understand

Posted: March 15, 2015 in Uncategorized
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There’s a lot of articles on the internet these days that include crazy lists from places like Buzzfeed to Business Insider. I haven’t seen many BJJ related list articles so now it’s our time to shine. Here are 13 things only people who have served time on the mats will understand.

1. Any references to the word shrimp is not about the food, it’s about saving your ass.


2. When you mention BJJ to a friend and they think it’s Karate.

karate bjj meme

3. The phrase, “warm ups” has an extremely loose definition.

bjj warmups

4. Color purple holds a lot more badassery than most could ever realize.


5. Don’t cross your feet if you have someone’s back. You know why.

foot cross ankle lock

6. When you come back from BJJ class with hickeys on your neck, it can be tough to explain to your girlfriend and coworkers.


7. The strange habit to go for double-unders when hugging pretty much anyone.


8. OSS. Enough said.


9. No Gi – the only variation of a sport that is named the absence of something else.


10. “Rolling” is what we say to each other, but “fighting” or “sparring” is what we say to impress our non-BJJ friends.


11. Sloth grip is king, save the thumb destruction for another day.


12. You know what, “Answer the phone” means.

answering the phone

13. Twister isn’t just a game, it’s a spine destroying workshop.


13.5 Rear naked choke isn’t from 50 shades of grey.


Do you have any to add?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    this is a great list! I just started doing jiu jitsu and I love it. I got a great box of jiu jitsu stuff from http://www.grapplerstoolbox.com You should check it out.

  2. Josh boyer says:

    “Heels” are not shoes for women.

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  4. Lancer says:

    Foot Locker is not a store to us, its a very dangerous person who likes to approach things differently, and deadly.

  5. jhay says:

    Dela Riva is not a surname 😀

  6. MsQueenRC2 says:

    When your coworkers give you concerned looks because you keep showing up to work with bruises. “everything is fine at home, I swear. The bruises are from training BJJ”

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