BJJ Chicago: Brazil 021 Gym Review

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Brazil 021 Picture

This summer I had the opportunity to train in Chicago, IL while interning at Pandora. I bounced around a few gyms until I found the best fit which became the Brazil 021 headquarters in the downtown area. I spent nearly 12 weeks training at this gym and it was an extremely positive and kick-ass experience! Below are some overall highlights of the gym to give you some insight into why you should train there if you are in town.

Family atmosphere

The gym that I consistently train at definitely has a strong family vibe, like most gyms, however, at Brazil 021 they put the family aspect first and foremost. For me, it was almost a bit sketchy how genuinely kind and friendly everyone was. Even on my first day I had people remembering my name and cheering me on during drills, it caught me off guard it was so polite. I was honestly in disbelief at the culture of Brazil 021 and thought it was fake, however, after 12 weeks it proved to be 110% authentic. People cared a lot at Brazil 021 and I found the gym to be a very positive place to go after a long day at work!

Top tier coaching

The accolades of the instructors speak for themselves, however, the in depth but simplistic view of the jiu-jitsu I learned at this gym was refreshing. I attended mostly the beginner class because I was with a friend just starting out and I still learned an abundance every day. The classes usually covered a move in detail and then the opposite of the move. For instance, an armbar would be taught first and then an armbar escape. Overall, I think the coaching at this gym was great.

Plethora of badasses

Lets just say I have never been beat up so badly at a gym in my life – in a nice way of course! I have trained in St. Louis, Phoenix, other Chicago gyms, etc. but I have never received such ass kickings as the ones I experienced at Brazil 021. The level of technique and intensity at this gym is tough to beat! Being a mid-level blue belt I hadn’t had a lot of blue belts easily pass my guard, take my back, etc. until I trained here. Especially in regards to woman BJJ practitioners there were many skilled individuals. Even at the beginner class black belts would stop in and roll.



Overall, Brazil 021 is a great place to train if you are visiting Chicago or need a long term training facility. I really only covered the tip of the iceberg in regards to how awesome it was. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or visit their website!








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