Why BJJ is great for your family!

Posted: February 6, 2014 in BJJ Advice
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A lot of people try to find good family activities and my argument is that martial arts, specifically Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is one of the best activities for families out there! The picture above is my dad and I doing a little Xguard at the Grand Canyon. Yes, people did look at us weird, but I think this image paints the picture of a few of my main points about why you should make BJJ a family activity. Don’t worry, I didn’t sweep him off the edge!

Creates a pathway for communication

One thing I have noticed since I got my dad into BJJ is that it has increased our common ground and created a pathway for better communication. I currently live 2,000 miles away from my parents and I probably have the best communication with them of all time. I also specifically have more communication with my Dad and a lot of it is because of BJJ. If you think about it, the sport has a lot of facets and is super intricate. Its the ultimate conversational topic because not only is it fun, but there’s unlimited aspects of it to chat about with someone else who is enthusiastic about the subject. I think having someone else in your family to communicate about something you are passionate about can have a positive impact on that relationship…Also, when practicing technique together, it requires high quality communication to convey aspects of the moves, corrections, and big ideas about the techniques to your family member which is just great practice for other more serious situations. Thus, BJJ can help develop stronger communication.

Boosts trust

There is one key aspect of BJJ that plays a huge roll in developing trust between you and an individual. This aspect is the, “tap out.” I’m not talking the overly advertised MMA brand, I’m talking about the built in safe word of the sport. There is no other activity you can do where you literally trust other people to not break your bones or choke you until you almost pass out except for BJJ. So now, think about how this transfers into a family setting. Trust may be one of the most important things to have in a family and if you can continually develop a strong sense of trust between family members, the cohesiveness of your family unit can be increased. However, I wouldn’t recommend accidentally snapping your daughters arm, because then she could develop mild PTSD and you could destroy the trust you have built.

It makes your BJJ game better

Being close with someone who does BJJ increases your game immensely. By spending quality time with your family member you can practice technique, learn new moves from online databases, brainstorm alternative ways to perform techniques, and even exercise to increase conditioning together. There aren’t many things in life where you can kill two birds with one stone when it involves family time, but this could be one of them!

I highly recommend getting your entire family or a person in your family involved in BJJ. It’s a rewarding activity and can enhance your relationships. Even if you can’t convert everyone who is close to you, find good compromises and try to get them involved in small ways so you can still connect through BJJ so it’s not something foreign. The more connection with have between the BJJ and your loved ones the better.

Does anyone in your family do BJJ?


  1. Rod K says:

    I make your x-guard look good, son. – Dad

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