When buying anything I personally like to conduct a lot of research before making my purchase—especially with BJJ gis. However, the lame part about looking up gi reviews online is that most of the reviews are super bias towards a specific brand, they don’t compare gis honestly, and they are filled with a ton of fluff to make everything sound fancy. Because of the poor reviews I wanted to provide my honest opinion about my experience with the four gi brands I have trained in the last three and a half years. I hope my concise opinion helps you with your own purchases!

1. Atama – The second gi I bought when starting BJJ was a white Atama double weave. This gi was $170, but so far has been worth it. It is a thick, rough, and durable gi. This is probably my favorite Gi. I hate to be stereotypical with liking an Atama gi but I haven’t had any problems with the top or pants. I would say, however, that it has been the gi that has the most notable sweat, dirt and bloodstains.

Cost: $170

Shrinkage: Low

Durability: High

Style: Not too bad

2. Bad Boy – The first gi I bought was a $130 blue Bad Boy gi and boy was it kind of a bad choice. It is a seemingly decent gi, but the sleeves shrunk within a year even though I washed it with cold water and air-dried it. Also, the patches ripped off within the first few months, the pants were tough to tighten and there has recently been a hole developing over my right nipple—strange yes, but I’m all about the details.

Cost: $130

Shrinkage: High

Durability: Low

Style: Lacking

3. Badger KimonosI picked up my $130 black badger gi about a year ago and I totally haven’t regretted it. I might be a little bias because it is a local Wisconsin brand, but in terms of durability, style and shrinkage, it rocks. It’s comparable to the Atama brand except it isn’t as rough and has cooler design elements. Also, the pants are super thick, which makes them feel a little snug at first, but it helps with breaking grips off the pants. I think overall, the badger gi is my favorite.

Cost: $130

Shrinkage: Low

Durability: High

Style: Fashion show level

4. Combat CornerI received a $89 white combat corner single weave gi after the company sponsored me a little under a year ago.  It’s durable and cost effective for a training gi. I think at its price, it is probably one of the best choices and great for a first gi. I personally haven’t rolled in one of Combat Corner’s higher end gis but from what I have heard their quality is equal if not greater than other gis in the same price range.

Cost: $89

Shrinkage: Medium

Durability: Medium

Style: Lacking

All in all, rating a gi is a really subjective thing. There are over 100 brands to choose from and you just have to experiment and see what works the best for you. I hope this information can help you with your next purchase!

What are your favorite gi brands?

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  2. Stephen Kim says:

    Man, I love gi’s with a bit of bling to them like that Badger gi. I think individuality and free thinking is one of the things that sets bjj apart from the other martial arts so it’s nice to see variety in style at the gym.

  3. J.B. says:

    Fuji. Cheap, durable, super clean (I do not like NASCAR inspired gis, and will cut all the patches off any new gi I buy)

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