3 Steps to Progress Your BJJ Game

Posted: April 7, 2013 in BJJ Advice
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3 Steps to Progress Your BJJ Game

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has a very steep initial learning curve. There are multiple moves from multiple positions, with essentially unlimited possibilities. The moves a BJJ player uses often and proficiently are considered to be that individual’s, “game.” Follow these three steps to start progressing your game now!

1. Define where you are at and what moves you currently use. I personally have a spreadsheet in Excel outlining the moves I know so I can keep track of what my game consists of. I review this spreadsheet now and then when I update it. The cool part about having my BJJ knowledge on a document is it allows me to see exactly what I know so i can evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. Once you have an outline of the techniques that you use, you have a good foundation to build from.


2. Set goals that are fun and exciting to you. You can’t go into training wanting to tap everyone out the same way every time, how will you progress? There is so much more to BJJ then simply tapping people out, it’s a sport of self-growth and progression. Determine where you want to be in a month or in a year. Even if it seems unrealistic, or you have to change your normal routine, do it! I personally have decided  to learn Eddie Bravo’s rubber guard system, and it has been really fun to research and learn! I encourage you to try something completely new as well.


3. Experiment often while working towards your new goals. BJJ is about having fun, so try new techniques, keep things interesting. If your too serious about BJJ it will not be very much fun. After all, why do you do BJJ? Do you train in the art of BJJ to simply go into the same room repetitively to beat up the exact same people the same way? That used to be how I thought about things because I was so competitive, however recently I’ve realized that there is so much more to the experience. You can’t be rigid when learning BJJ because it is essentially an open sourced sport with many good inputs, so try new moves from multiple sources. By adding variety into your game you will have fun, progress forward and build your game.


Have you been experimenting? 

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  3. I do not experiment very much at all. I just train GM Helio Gracie Jiu Jitsu. No rubber guards. No X-guards. No fancy submissions. Just plain old GM Helio Gracie Jiu Jitsu. I concentrate on surviving/defending. And, when trying to submit, Palm up in the collar, other palm up, row, tap. I am trying to keep it as simple and as basic as possible. Lots of bridge and rolls.

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  5. Thomas says:

    I feel the same way. I’m constantly trying to learn new techniques and figure out what works for me. I find it’s really beneficial to do some flow sparring where everyone just relaxes and you don’t really block the other persons sweeps or submission attempts. It gives everyone a chance to flow from one position to the next and string sweeps and submissions together and overall to just experiment

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