7 Tips for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Beginners

Posted: February 18, 2013 in BJJ Advice
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7 Tips for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu beginners

1. Do not go as hard as you can at the beginning of your rolling sessions. There is always that guy who is very intense for 30 seconds, and then is exhausted the rest of the match. Don’t do that, pace yourself.

2. Do not brag about your prior experiences. I’m sure killing that guy, being in that fight and winning that award was fun in the past, but now you can’t even make it through warm ups. Those prior experiences usually don’t help you on the mat, so keep those to yourself.

3. Tap out, and tap out often. I cannot emphasize this enough. Most injuries happen because the person did not tap out quickly enough.

4. Do not talk to your significant other about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu unless they initiate it. Even then, keep it to a minimum. Unless you participate in BJJ, it is difficult to grasp the awesomeness. The initial obsession—I like to call the honeymoon phase— tends to annoy people.

5. There is a difference between practicing technique and rolling. It is easy, while rolling you are sparring with intensity, while practicing technique you are creating muscle memory with low intensity movements. There is a very distinct line between those.

6. Hygiene is important. Who would you rather roll with? The person who smells like roses and lavender or the sketchy guy who smells like trout and a toilet? It is a fact that the good smelling individual is the top choice.

7. Never give up. I think it’s a general consensus that BJJ is a very challenging sport, and I believe it is an extremely humbling experience. With that being said, there will always be times where you will loose or feel very frustrated with your performance. They key to getting past these times is to see all of the forward progress you have made and to look at the positive things from each training session.

 These are my top seven tips, do you have any more?


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